Our 50th Anniversary

The party for our fiftieth aniversary was held on Nov. 19, 2016. Our actual anniversary is Dec. 24, (a Saturday night in 1966) but as some may recall, there was a bit of snow that time. Actually, it was close to two feet. We were supposed to leave for our honeymoon in Jamaica Sunday morning, but we actually left on Monday evening, and that thanks to the kindness of strangers. We present here some pictures of the event (the party, not the wedding).

And now for something completely different, (actually, pictures).

To ensure everything came out right, we hired Opulent Events, an event planner. Sue, the president and founder, helped us pick out the location for the party and put us in contact with other people, specialists in their areas, e.g. baker, photographer, and others. Sue also had us bring various items of memorabilia, and she arranged them on tables along the wall that guests would see first. Pictures of tables coming up.


The album on the table is from our wedding, and no, you can't see the snow.

The small dishes are souveniers that Flo made as gifts for all who came. The other item is the cake topper that was on our wedding cake. We do tend to save things.


These are the table seating cards. Since we both love music, instead of numbering the tables, we used musical notations. Most people figured it out. Behind the cards is the invitation. Next to that is our wedding picture.


More pictures, including Seth and Marshal.


This appears to be the same as the previous one from a different angle. The picture in the center above the wedding album is from Marshal's Bar Mitzvah.


At the far corner of the front. The portrait of Flo hangs over our fireplace. The dress and the veil on the portrait are the actual ones worn at our wedding. I told you we save everything. Not visible on the floor by the dress are the actual shoes she wore.


Having watched "Ace of Cakes" for years, Flo decided she wanted the cake to be a harpsichord.


Here it is. The cake was made by Alexandra from Storybook Cake Designs. Part of it is yellow cake with a filling of white chocolate mousse and salted caramel frosting. These are the flavors Flo wanted. Bruce's, predictably, is chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate frosting. The only parts not edible are the base and legs of the harpsichord, as well as the back side and lid. On the bench, only the cushion is cake. The tortoise is there because both of us like turtles and he looks like our tortoise, Mr. Peabody. The dragon is there because we like dragons. Neither of them is edible. The train is not edible either.


Studied at Julliard. Prefers Scarlatti, but will play anything for tips.


Here's Flo greeting our cousin Foon. That's her sister Julia off to the left. Also notice Wai and Peony keeping an eye on things


Now for the main attraction.

Here we are with sons Marshal and Seth.

It's us.

I got tired, so I'm sitting.

It's them.


And here they are, direct from Toronto (that's in Canada for any who did not know), Carly, Joel, Sharon, and Zoe, our favorite Canadian cousins.


Here we are with our cousins.



Flo with Carly and Zoe


Here we are with cousin Foon.


Okay, we've finished eating, so it's time to cut the cake. I just hope the strings won't make too much noise when they're cut.

Probably should have brought a power saw to cut through the side,


Notice how the harpsichordist doesn't seem to be bothered by the nearby demolition, although the dragon does seem to be going for Flo's corsage.


And now for some candid shots.

Here we are, talking with Foon.


Marshal in deep comversation with Will. As you can see, I have no idea what they're talking about. Frank and Adele in the background, part of Foon's face on the right.



Flo and Mickie. In the background on the left are Marshal, Bill and Mary. Also a partial head I can't identify. On the right is Steve. Also Linda's arms.


Bill, Penny, and part of Lew. Wonder what's so funny.


Flo with Ken and Kathy. Looks like Peony and Wai in the background.


And here she is with Steve and Linda.

Enough of the candid shots; it's time for the posed pictures.

With Lisa.


And with Carol.


This is Adnan, son of Ethan and Ambereen, and grandson of Brian and Edith.


Mickie and Phil.


Kathleen and Ed


Ken and Kathy


Linda and Steve


Sharon and Joel


Deanne and John


Flo and Mickie


Our good neighbors Adele and Frank with Deanne and John.


And here's us with Deanne and John.

And now some obligatory pictures of people sitting at tables. Unfortunately, not all of the tables were photographed.

Around the table from 7:00; Brian, Edith, Mary, Bill, Marshal (face behind table card) Ethan and Adnan. Ambereen, Adnan's mother (and Ethan's wife) was unable to attend.


Starting again at 7:00; Will, Foon, Julia, Bruce (not me, the other one), Joyce, and Karen. Just beyond Karen can be seen the top of Jason's head. Will's wife Gabriella was unable to attend, Don't know the waiter's name, he wasn't on the invitation list.


From bottom right; Lew, Penny, Wai, Peony, Linda, and Steve. Everyone's applauding, so I must have done something really good, but I don't remember.


And now, we'd like to acknowledge and thank all those who helped make this party a success.

Sue from Opulent Events (http://www.opulentevents.net). She found all the other businesses we dealt with, set up the room. and took care of everything else so all we had to do was show up. Couldn't have done this without her.


Alexandra from Storybook Cake Designs (http://www.storybookcakedesigns.com). Alex is a true artist. Check out her web site. She had never done anything like this before and was as excited as we were about doing it. She came to the house to photograph our harpsichord, and the result is exactly what Flo wanted. (The trains are mine.)


Also the following, for whom we do not have any pictures:

Kevin at the Farmhouse at The Grand Colonial (http://www.thefarmhousenj.com). He helped ensure that everything went as planned regarding the location and food.

Our photographer, Chris, of Picture Perfect. The pictures on this page show his work.

Paperworks Design Studio did all the printing, including invitations and response cards, place cards and table cards, menus, and envelopes.

Tim Mason - DJ Tim - for keeping the music going.

Greens & Beans Floral Studios (http://www.greensnbeans.com) provided all the floral arrangements, and Flo's corsage.


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