Bridge G702 Finderne Ave./Main St (CR 533)
over the Raritan River

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This is a nine span, steel stringer, bridge; two spans are over the river, the rest over the flood plain. It replaces a structure, known as Van Veghten's Bridge, originally constructed in 1914.  (During excavation, a boulder with 1896 inscribed on it was uncovered, suggesting it may be from an earlier structure).

The 1914 construction was a two lane, nine span earth filled structure. The side walls and arches were made of concrete and the interior was filled with earth. The roadway was then built on the earth fill. In 1934 the two river spans were replaced with steel beams. The steel had a thin concrete protective coating. During demolition, there were indications that the grade of the deck had been raised about one foot. New concrete railings were installed at this time. Those on the west side remained until this project was done. In 1977, the bridge was widened by adding two lanes to the east side. The abutments and piers 6 8 were extended; new piers 1 5 were constructed in the widened area and secured to the arch walls. Prestressed box beams were used for the land spans, and steel stringers for the river spans.

The current project was done in two stages, as this is a heavily traveled road and it was necessary to maintain traffic during construction. The deck was widened eight feet to allow for wider lanes and shoulders, and the grade was raised approximately three feet at the south end and one and one half at the north. All exposed concrete surfaces in the substructure, and the concrete railings, were painted with protective coating. Because of problems with graffiti, the substructure was also covered with an anti-graffiti coating.

Other work done as part of this project includes replacement of a USGS gaging station, and a pedestrian path on the south side, replacing an existing bicycle path.

Designer: Keller & Kirkpatrick

Contractor: Midlantic Construction LLC



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