New Jersey Transit over Route 206

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In widening Rt. 206, it was necessary to lengthen the New Jersey Transit railroad bridge crossing Rt. 206.  The bridge was also raised and the road lowered to increase clearance.

The existing bridge was a four track through girder bridge, although only two of the track bays were in use.  The new bridge has three.  To maintain rail raffic, the two north bays were used while the south two were demolished.  Two bays of the new bridge were constructed and rail traffic switched.  The southernmost track was temporary.  After demolishing the rest of the old bridge, the new one was completed and rail traffic moved to the north and center bays.

The new bridge is also a through girder type, supported by concrete abutments and center pier.  Floor beams are connected between the girders.  The beams are sloped from the center to the edges.  A steel plate is welded to the beams; the inside of the bays is then lined with a waterproof membrane.  Semi-circular drain pipes run along each edge and carry water to a drainage system behind the abutments.

The contractor did all the construction except for ballast and track laying, which was done by the railroad.

Designer: The Louis Berger Group

Contractor: Ferreira Construction Co.



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