Bridge E801 Nevius Street over the Raritan River

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The Nevius Street bridge is a two span Pratt double truss (also known as a Whipple) constructed in 1884. Each span is 150 feet long. The verticals are C-sections with lacing bars; the top chord segments are C-sections with riveted cover plates; the bottom chord is made of various sizes of eye bars. The diagonal braces are eye rods and counter tie rods with turnbuckles.

Over the years it has been repaired and reinforced to keep it in service. In addition to repairs to the superstructure, the abutments and pier have needed work. Particularly at the pier, water infiltration has dissolved the mortar causing some of the stones to move. The bridge deteriorated to the extent that even the three ton limit was too much, and it was closed to traffic.The bridge at Lyman Street was built to replace it, and it was rehabilitated and converted to a pedestrian bridge. As the bridge is on the registry of historic places, the repairs had to conform to the requirements of the State Historic Preservation Office. Components that were too badly deteriorated to repair were replaced with exact copies made of steel. The floor beams and hangers had to be replaced, and the deck is again wooden planks.

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This project was awarded a 2007 Historic Preservation Award by the Historic Preservation Office of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (see Rehabilitation of County Bridge E 0801).  Some of the key people involved received award certificates.

The first seven pictures show some of the existing conditions as the work was being done. The rest show the finished bridge.

Designer: Keller & Kirkpatrick

Contractor: Ferreira Construction Co.


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