Bridge D705 Old York Road over the North Branch
of the Raritan River

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This project replaced a bridge built in 1978. From searching County records, it appears that the previous bridge was built in the early 20th century, or perhaps earlier. (Old York Road was built in the 18th century to connect New York and Philadelphia, so it is likely that there were crossings before this one, but I am unable to find any information.) This bridge was a five span truss. In 1932, the bridge was strengthened by the addition of stringers, but as there was only one plan sheet, not much detail is available. Two of the piers were smaller than the other two, and in 1944 they were rebuilt.

The 1978 bridge was built on the substructure of this bridge. It was a through girder design with an open grid steel deck. Subsequently, corrugated galvanized steel was bolted to the deck and paved with blacktop.

The bridge built on this project is a three span, continuous deck structure. The piers and abutments are faced with stone veneer. The road on the west side was raised approximately 18" to reduce the number of times the road would have to be closed because of flooding.


Designer: Dewberry - Goodkind

Contractor:Kyle Conti Construction


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