Bridge C607 Opie/River Road over the South Branch of the Raritan River

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As stated on the historical marker (picture 1), this bridge was built in 1921, and is a riveted Pratt truss.   The trusses were removed and shipped off site in two pieces (so they would fit on the truck) for repair.  Most of the lattice on the bottom chord was corroded beyond repair and was replaced.  The outriggers were cleaned and refurbished.  The floor beams are new.

Even with the repairs to the truss, there was concern about the loading.  The deck was designed with a steel grid system which allowed the use of a five inch thick concrete deck, instead of the usual nine inch, greatly reducing the dead weight.

The substructure is new, and is stone veneered in keeping with the historical look.

Designer Keller & Kirkpatrick

Contractor: Ferreira Construction Co.



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