Bridge F0817 Pedestrian Bridge at Bridgewater Mall

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The Bridgewater Mall is located on the north side of Route 22 and east of Route 202/ 206.   At the bridge site there is a ramp going from Rt 22 WB to Rt 202/206 NB.   Traffic on this ramp is heavy during rush hours and moves at 50 mph or more.

South of Rt 22 are two schools and an apartment complex.  Many people from these locations walk to the mall, either for shopping or to work.  Crossing Rt 22 was no problem, as there is an underpass with a sidewalk; however, the ramp had to be crossed at grade.

To alleviate this dangerous condition, a bridge was constructed to allow pedestrians to walk over the ramp.  The main span over the road is a steel arch with the deck suspended from steel cables.  The rest of the spans are tubular steel stringers on concrete piers.  The deck is 4" of reinforced concrete.

The interesting part of the construction was the erection of the truss span.  It was built on blocking on the ground along the ramp.  The ramp was then closed one night, a crane set in the road, and the bridge lifted and set in place on the truss piers.  This work brought many onlookers, including a teacher and her class from the local school.

On the mall end, the bridge ends at the parking lot, where a crosswalk was placed.  At the south end, block retaining walls were constructed to contain a staircase and a ramp.

Designer: Schoor Depalma  (now CMX Engineering)

Contractor: Ferreira Construction Co.




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