Bridge L903 Washington Avenue over
Green Brook

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Unlike the other projects, this was a replacement of the deck, with only repairs to the substructure. The existing deck was of prestressed box beam design that had been overlaid with blacktop. Some of the beams had deteriorated to the point that the tops had collapsed requiring emergency repairs to maintain traffic, including two instances during the work on this project.

The work was done in two stages, as traffic had to be maintained. In each stage, half the deck was removed and approximately two feet was cut from the pier and abutments. New tops were constructed and the new deck consisting of prestressed box beams and five inches of high performance concrete was constructed. Also constructed on each half were a sidewalk and precast concrete parapets with cast-in-place pylons. Substructure repairs completed work on the bridge. The road portion consisted of new curb and pavement.

Designer: K C Engineering

Contractor: Colonnelli Bros.


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