Bridges B510, B511, B512 Woodfern Road over the South Branch
of the Raritan River

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This bridge consists of two separate spans, and was constructed in 1902. The spans are approximately 85 to 90 feet in length, and are Pratt trusses. Unlike the Nevius Street bridge there is no common center pier. The center consists of two abutments with common wingwalls. At the south end there is an arch culvert spanning a smaller stream.

The rehabilitation was done by dismantling the bridges and having the repairs done off site. The south span, which is normally over dry land, was removed by supporting each truss, removing the deck and top braces, and laying the trusses on the ground to be taken apart. This was not possible with the north span, as it is over the river, so a crane was brought in to lift the entire bridge off its bearings and set it on supports in the nearby field, where it was dismantled.

After the repairs were done, and the parts painted, the bridges were reassembled and set in place by reversing the dismantling procedure, i.e., on the south span, the trusses were put together on the ground and held in place while the floor beams and top braces were placed; the north span was assembled in the field and set in place by crane.

The culvert at the south end had no historical value, so it was demolished and replaced with a new one consisting of precast arch sections and cast-in-place spandrel walls.

Designer: Keller & Kirkpatrick

Contractor: Marbro, Inc.



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